Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stillness in San Francisco

Impossible you may say...I say nay.

I found stillness today at approximately 5:24pm. Maybe it was only for me and everyone else was frenzied and buzzing, but I got a bit ahead of my work load before I left. I walked outside and looked out toward the piers and the sky was blue and the weather was warm. There wasn't even a breeze. Everything was still, even my mind felt quiet.

Usually I pop my ipod in and walk briskly toward the metro, with the requisite (pardon my french) don't fuck with me face. But today, I decided to stroll. I even smiled at a few passersby.

There's a little piece of green on my way to Bart so I stopped at the park, sat down and took in the sights. The architecture by the Embarcadero is far from that which I so enjoyed in Paris, but the buildings are rather massive, so it can put some things in perspective if you let it.

I'm attributing my peaceful stroll to the weather. Something in the sun can really put you at peace. I'm usually in such a rush that I don't realize it. Generally, I don't even have anything to rush towards, but I clip along the path, weaving and dodging to cut down the travel time.

Today, however the world was still for a moment and I wasn't about to take it for granted.