Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Winding down

Date: May 29

I fly home on Tuesday and, as much as I can’t believe how time has flown, I feel like I’ve taken advantage of my time here, getting to know the city and feeling settled. Now I’m ready to move to another big city, hopefully San Francisco by Christmas, to see feel what it’s like to be settled there.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little blog of Paris in the springtime. My experience is similar to many, but unique to me. I feel so blessed to have had this amazing opportunity. It proves that opportunities can be discovered if you are open to them, and that anything is possible if you are determined enough to go through with it.


  1. Julie- I absolutely enjoyed your writing throughout your stay in Paris. If I didn't before, I certainly now have a desire to visit Paris, along with suggestions on what places to see. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    Now that your trip is over, what will become of this blog?

  2. Hey Bryce!

    Thanks for reading about my trip while I was away. I've kind of gotten the hang of this blogging life, so I think I'll keep it going. Question is, should I start a new blog or should I just keep writing here on this one? The title will always be true, I think I'll always like Paris in the Springtime.

  3. Jules- I too have the same conundrum as my blog varies from writing about myself to technical topics. Nonetheless I like to keep all my writing in one location and just tag the posts accordingly so it's (somewhat) easy to differentiate between articles of varying topics. If your writing takes on a more specific topic in the future then I would consider starting a new blog, but ilikeparisinthespringtime will do for now.