Monday, July 20, 2009

Blog overhaul

Thank you to everyone who read my blog while I was away in Paris. It gave me validation to know that my words were being read by friends and loved ones. It also helped me feel connected to home.

Now that I'm back in my hometown of Portola Valley, I've heard it mentioned on a few occasions that my blog is missed and that I might think about continuing to write. I wondered if I should begin a new blog, under a new title (since the subject matter would inevitably be different), or if I should continue writing under, as Jon puts it, the winner of the longest blog title in the history of blogging. hmmm, quite the conundrum.

For now, I think I'll stick with this blog space. I will forever like Paris in the Springtime, and it still highlights an interest of mine and the determination I have for attaining my dreams. It fits.

The over sized photo in the description space is a picture of the sunset I took from my backyard in Santa Barbara. Our house in the middle of DP was perhaps lacking in cleanliness and maybe not the most adorable, but the backyard definitely made up for anything the house did not boast. Another piece of my history that I'll be recounting here, as well as my present experiences and future goals and aspirations.

Read at your own leisure.


  1. Ah! "Over sized" is almost a bit of an understatement for the picture. :)

    I look forward to reading more of your writing.

  2. yeah but look at the's like I'm back there in my backyard on DP again *sigh*